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KiddoSpace™ - Stain Remover Kit


x1 stain remover spray

x1 instant stain remover spray

x10 wipes

x10 instant wipes

1x user manual

S$ 89.99 S$ 69.99
Unit price  per 

Safe to use

Safe to use around children and toddlers 

Easy to use

With just one application, the stains will be gone forever!

Works on all surfaces

Got to clean something? This spray handles it all


Remove stains from your child’s clothes in seconds!

Do you run after your kids all day long, asking them to sit in peace and not make a mess around the house? Are you tired of cleaning food stains on their clothes and around the house’s furniture?

We know how tiring it is for you to keep your kids and the house squeaky clean. But don’t worry, we've got something that will solve all your problems.

Erase away every stain effortlessly just by spraying!

Babies and kids can be messy eaters, especially when they get a little older and can feed themselves. You need something that can remove these stains quickly, while saving you time.

This KiddoSpace Stain Remover Spray for Baby & Kids is perfect! It works great on fabric and clothing so that you can use it anytime a mess happens.

Stain-free days are finally here

Is your kid a sports lover? Summer vacations are all about having fun all-day long-playing summer sports and different outdoor games.

Playing outside means getting dirty, and what fun is it playing without having some stains of grass and mud on your clothes? Don't worry; we have the proper fix to remove all those sturdy stains in seconds.

Save time, money, and the planet

Use this stain remover spray without any stress.

Save time

Won’t have to clean the stain with a cloth several times

Save money

Affordable and quick stain eliminator


Doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that harm kids now

Perfect for all

Handles all types of stains from berries to mud and everything else

Easy to use

All it takes is 1 spray and in 20 seconds - the stain is gone!


It won’t damage the fabric or surface you spray it on.

100% safe and works on all surfaces!

With kids, you never know their shenanigans. Clothes, bibs, carpets, auto, furniture, and upholstery… This stain removes work on everything!

The KiddoSpace Stain Remover Spray is powerful, effective, and at the same time non-toxic which makes it safe to use around kids and adults without putting their health on the line.

This stain remover spray is 5 steps ahead of any other stain remover product!





Super easy to use

Handles all stain types 



Works on all surfaces

Here’s how you make the planet better with KiddoSpace


These sprays are not tested on animals and are therefore cruelty-free.
KiddoSpace is committed to ending cruel, scientific animal testing.

No damage to the ecosystem

The sprays are non-toxic and we don’t handle any chemicals or additives that can harm the ecosystem.
KiddoSpace is committed to making the world a better place to live in.

Save the wildlife

By going plastic-free, you help protect rivers and jungles.
This way you can save wildlife habitats and make the earth safer for them.

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