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KiddoStamp™ - The Ultimate Convenience Duo


1x KiddoStamp™ - White Ink Stamp

1x KiddoStamp™ - Black Ink Stamp

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Hone the power of White and Black ink stamp

Dark clothes, light clothes… your kid has got them all. Whether it's socks or belongings, children tend to have a lot of colors around them.

You could relate to your child losing books, notebooks, folders and water bottles because they swapped it with a classmate or forgot it at school. Not anymore!

No matter the color… label your child’s belongings so they are never lost

Imagine a solution that can let you label their clothes and belongings without worrying about the color.

The Ultimate Convenience Duo by KiddoSpace takes care of that hassle forever! Label dark clothes with the White Ink stamp and the light color belongings with the Dark Ink Stamp within seconds.

Save time and money!

Available in 4 unique and cute shapes (owl, cat, panda and dog), the stamps will entice your child to print their name on all their clothes and things.

Save time

Whether it's clothes, school supplies, or anything dark or light in color, you can stamp your name in less than a second. Simply place the stamp where you want it, press and you're done!

Save money

No more wasting money trying to figure out which marker or labeling method is best for marking dark or light clothes, and which one won't fade. The White Ink KiddoStamp™ is made for just that!


Tired of using classic markers that fade when you wash your clothes? KiddoStamp™ can be used to stamp anything up to a thousand times. Don't worry about washing, the ink lasts up to 50 washes!


No more environmentally harmful plastic! KiddoStamp™ is reusable and you can refill the ink at any time. It protects the environment by avoiding plastic waste and helps save money.

Both stamps last up to 50 washes each and make your life easier

Parents love this duo for a reason. It not only gives you a one-click solution to all your cloth labeling problems, but it also helps replace the use of regular markers, sewing labels, and adding stickers that don’t work effectively.

Both the Black and White Ink Stamp saves clothes of all colors by lasting up to 50 washes. Its ink is 100% waterproof, and it won’t fade.

The Ultimate Convenience Duo Is 6 steps ahead of any other stamp 

Note: This is a special offer and if you’re seeing this page… avail it while you can! 

We’ve combined these two differently colored stamps to make your life easier. Once you have them, you will never have to worry about your child misplacing clothes or belongings.

On that note, this is a very special offer, and we might take it down soon. If you’re looking to get both stamps at a fraction of their original price, now would be a great time to get them.

Our goal and our guarantee

Our aim is to offer a product that makes it easier to recognize clothes and other everyday objects and at the same time offers a beautiful, high-quality design that children will love... and parents too!

What's included?

  • 1x KiddoStamp™ with Black Ink
  • 1x KiddoStamp™ with White Ink
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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