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5 Reasons Why Parents Across Singapore Are Ditching Regular Toothbrushes for These Toy-Like Toothbrushes

1. Makes Kids Excited About Brushing (2).webp__PID:c42e2688-1ef5-4b48-aeb2-3114023d3644

1. Makes Kids Excited About Brushing

Most kids treat toothbrushes like they're artifacts in a museum – to be looked at but never touched. However, the KiddoBrush™ changes that by bringing innovative design, lights, and built-in music to the table that gets kids excited about brushing.

2. Helps Turn Brushing Into A Habit


2. Helps Turn Brushing Into A Habit

No more guilt of neglecting your child’s oral hygiene just because they hate brushing. KiddoBrush™ will make sure your child has so much fun that they look forward to brushing every day. The result? Clean white teeth, zero cavities, and you get to brag about your parenting skills in front of others. 😎

3. Eliminate Plaque And Cavities In 45 Seconds (1).webp__PID:049f5d0e-9da4-4907-ad6b-f5a5fa542bba

3. Eliminate Plaque And Cavities In 45 Seconds

Brushing for 2 minutes in each session is boring for kids. But with KiddoBrush’s U-shaped brush head and soft silicone bristles, your child’s mouth will be properly cleaned leaving no morsel, plaque, and cavity behind… That, too, in only 45 seconds!

4. Sensory-friendly Brush


4. Sensory-friendly Brush

Regular brushes are either too big, too hard, or just plain uncomfortable, it could be causing your kids some distress. But KiddoBrush’s soft bristles and comfortable grip eliminate the distress and make the brushing comfortable and easy.

5. Comes In Yummy Toothpaste Flavors


5. Comes In Yummy Toothpaste Flavors

Normal toothpastes are often boring for children. Sometimes, they’re too sticky or just outright bleh. But the KiddoBrush™ comes with yummy toothpaste flavors that your child will never think about avoiding brushing ever again.

KiddoBrush - The Future of Happy Dental Care


Rated 5 Star

  • Eliminates plaque and cavity
  • Makes brushing exciting and fun
  • Soft silicon bristles and comfortable grip
  • Easy to use for children
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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