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How this unique dinosaur-shaped toy is making its way into every child’s heart

This new and revolutionary toy packs education and fun in one place

For parents around the world, finding an age-appropriate and fun toy for their children is quite a hassle.

However, this new dinosaur-shaped toy has helped parents around the world find an age-appropriate toy for their children that keeps them entertained and engaged for hours.

The way KiddoSpace has won the hearts of parents again is mesmerizing, as they never fail to set the stage on fire.

To understand this better, let’s look at the story of Betty, who is an avid fan of this new dinosaur-shaped toy.

From feeling helpless and frustrated trying to find the ideal toy for her daughter to landing on this dinosaur-shaped egg toy… Betty shares her story

Betty bought this toy for her 2-year-old son, who is about to start preschool and is interested in dinosaurs.

Before discovering this dinosaur-shaped egg toy, Betty was done experimenting with different toys that couldn’t hold her son’s attention for 10 minutes.

“This dinosaur-shaped egg toy has truly been a savior for me. I can’t recommend this enough to every parent, especially if you have toddlers!” She said,

“I have bought different toys from Remote controlled cars to LEGOs… But nothing touched my son’s heart like this dinosaur-shaped egg toy”

I felt as if every toy had its own set of problems, leaving me feeling frustrated and helpless. I wanted to find something that was not only fun and engaging but also age-appropriate and safe.

Would it be too complex for my son's age? Would it have small parts that could pose a choking hazard? I felt like I was in a constant state of anxiety, worrying about the safety of every toy.

I tried asking other parents for recommendations, but it seemed like everyone had a different opinion.

Some swore by electronic toys that lit up and made noise, while others said that the old-fashioned wooden toys were the best.

It was hard to know who to trust, and it was even harder to know what my own child would like.

And that’s not even the worst part…

Some toys claimed to be age-appropriate for children… But don’t get me started.

They specifically mentioned on the packaging how they’re all safe for toddlers, but all lie.

It was so hard to assemble them, and the playing experience was too complex for toddlers.

Until one day when I was scrolling Facebook, and a weird ad caught my eye.

I saw a weird dinosaur-shaped egg that caught my attention.

It mentioned how this toy would be educational, fun, and safe for toddlers, and I thought, huh, another lie.

But after opening the comment box section on the ad… I saw tons of parents posting comments in favor of the toy and how it made their life easier.

With all that social proof, I knew I had to give this toy a chance… Well, there was nothing to lose anyway since it came with a money-back guarantee.


This toy has been AMAAAAZING!

Here are some amazing benefits you get with this dinosaur egg toy.



Kiddospace is serious about making toys for children, that’s why they have incorporated fun and education in one place.

If your child is struggling to learn colors… Or you want to make sure they develop some basic life skills like hand-eye coordination or matching and sorting… Then this toy is for them.

Your child will learn by connecting the eggs in the right spot and learn the colors by matching the right color to the right piece.


Fun for hours

Isn’t it disheartening to see your child get bored with a new toy in a few minutes only to shove it in the toy bin and never see it again?

This toy is designed to pique a child's curiosity and keep them entertained for hours.

The dinosaur eggs are designed in a way that not only makes education fun, but they also intrigue the children. It keeps them engaged in fun, and as a consequence, they end up mastering their colors and sorting/matching skills.



Trying to find the right toy for your child? This egg is your answer.

It’s suitable for children to play with and has no sharp edges or stuff that could harm them. Plus, the playing experience is tailored towards toddlers so they can learn and play easily.


Prepares children for school

Do you lose heart seeing your child struggle with basic concepts like colors and shapes while their peers are a few steps ahead of them? This toy makes sure your child is ready for school.

By helping them memorize shapes and match the right colors, your child will be ready for school in a few days and way ahead of other students already.



The dinosaur egg toy is made of high-quality material and doesn’t break easily.

Kiddospace knows how children play with toys… That’s why they have designed it to be durable yet fun and educational.


Money-back guarantee

Kiddospace is confident in the benefits they claim and the products they make.

That’s why if you don’t like this product for whatever reason, you could ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Ideal easter gift

With the Easter holidays quickly approaching, parents are on the lookout for fun and educational gifts for their toddlers.

If you're in search of the perfect Easter gift, look no further than this age-appropriate Montessori geometric egg-toy. It’s an ideal gift that both parents and toddlers will appreciate during the Easter season and beyond.

How can you purchase this dinosaur egg toy?

We recommend getting this toy from the official Kiddospace website

Get Your Discount Here

This way, you can rest assured that you’re getting the right product, and it will come with a money-back guarantee so nothing could go wrong.

Thanks to their unique approach to toys, Kiddospace is quickly making its way to every parent’s heart by making their lives easier and making toys that children fall in love with.

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